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Scholarship Programmes

Scholarships are an important way for the College to realise its mission of creating and maintaining an inclusive learning environment.

As part of the College’s strategic plan, and in line with the mission and ethos of Alexandra College, each year the College offers scholarships for a variety of entry points.

All of our scholarships are awarded on the basis of means, academic ability, and passion for education; all candidates must sit the scholarship exam to be considered.

This year's Scholarship Exam will be announced in the coming weeks; registration will open in early October.

The Dr. Robert Kirkpatrick Boarding Scholarship is awarded to an incoming 1st Year boarding student and covers tuition and board for 1st - 6th Year. 

The Hermione Boarding Scholarship is awarded to a 5th Year boarding student and covers tuition and board for 5th and 6th Year.

The Alexandra College Day Scholarship is awarded to an incoming 1st Year day student and covers tuition fees for 1st - 6th Year.

The Rubicon Access Scholarship is awarded by Rubicon Capital Advisors to students in 6th Class in a participating school classified as DEIS Band 1 or DEIS Band 2. This scholarship provides an opportunity for up to two girls to attend Alexandra College as day students, from 1st to 6th Year secondary level.

Further details about each scholarship, including registration, can be found below.

Subject to further partnerships, Alexandra College aims to provide further scholarships as part of the College’s access programme.

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Our Scholarship Programmes

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