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Alex International

Studying at Alexandra College creates an environment where students of all heritage, identity and culture are valued, acknowledged and celebrated.

Our students experience a diverse, vibrant community throughout the academic year, from bonding activities to "International Week" where food, dance, art and culture are celebrated by the whole school community. 

English Language Support

The purpose of the EAL Department is to offer support to students of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds as they work towards proficiency in English, while following the mainstream curriculum. We want to extend the students’ knowledge of Irish culture and improve their confidence in using the English language, helping them to ask questions and articulate their opinions.

All students where English is not their first language attend the EAL program. They study for the Cambridge Exam and receive extra English language support for their subjects through timetabled EAL classes. They have 2 lessons a week and optional extra pastoral support classes. Specialist EAL teachers work closely with mainstream teachers to support and monitor their students’ linguistic progress through regular feedback. The focus of the support lessons is to help students access the Irish curriculum, achieve success and build their confidence. 

The classes are kept small to ensure that students receive as much attention as possible to help them improve their English. Students sit a Christmas Exam and Mock in March before they sit the actual Cambridge Exam in May. Students sit the Cambridge exam on school premises.In 6th Year, the students have the option of taking IELTS (International English Language Testing System) alongside the Cambridge exam for the purposes of gaining entry to European universities.

The fee for these classes is €1,300 for the academic year. It is for the school to decide whether a student requires English as an Additional Language (EAL) support, and it is at the discretion of the school to decide when a student should exit the EAL programme.

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