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Alex Women's Charity

A group of girls and women stands outside a school smiling at the camera

The Alex Women's Charity supports women who suffer from domestic violence, poverty or physical illness that leaves them vulnerable. We help women maintain their dignity through independent living.

Founded in 1901, the charity is run by alumnae and students at Alexandra College. The Alex girl has always extended a helping hand towards women who need a bit of extra help. 

We fundraise to maintain our commitment to the women we help. Without donations, the charity would cease to exist.


A group of girls faces away from the camera while painting a colourful mural with a woodland theme across a brick wall.

Working with Students

We encourage the students at Alexandra College to do charitable work in their community. A vital part of their education is learning that positive actions have positive effects. The TY students do lots of AWC charity work. This mural was their favourite project this year; painting an 'Enchanted Forest' on a plain garden wall in a local Refuge to cheer up the children living there.


Circular red text %22Alex Women's Charity%22 with two red crosses on sides, centre text %22AWC 1901%22 three abstract red figures



RCN: 1721/20002503