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Calling all Alexandrans!

Be part of a global community of strong, kind, supportive women of character.

Keep in touch - update your contact details below to keep in touch, get the latest news and invitations to events, reunions, network and community initiatives.


For many generations, Alexandra College has played a key part in the developing role of women in every sector of society in Ireland and around the world.

From a time when higher education and the workplace were closed to women, through to the abundant opportunities and ongoing challenges of the 21st Century, the College has upheld the Quaker principles of equality and fairness for all. As Alex girls have left the College and moved on to a wide range of careers and lives elsewhere, they have always sought to maintain their College ethos, values, and friendships.

The Alexandra College Alumnae Association remains a forum for Alex girls across the generations and across the globe to keep in touch and make a difference.

It provides a network for women who seek to support each other through their lives, and it does so much more besides.

Formed in 1897 as the Alexandra Guild, the aims of the Alumnae Association were: ‘to form a bond of union among present students, to keep past students in touch with the College…to encourage the undertaking by them of useful work…and to interest them in, and inform them about, women’s work’.

Those aims remain at the centre of what we do today. 

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“A Bond of Union”

We organise three annual events to bring people together:

  • The #AlwaysAlex Alumnae Lunch is the highlight and is held every year on the last Friday of September. All past pupils are welcome to the reunion dinner - a great opportunity to mark ten-year school year anniversaries.
  • The annual Parent and Daughter Pancake Breakfast is held every March and raises substantial funds for the Alex Women's Charity. Our Transition Year students help out and the pancakes and chocolate sauce receive much praise.
  • The Spring Lunch is traditionally held at Marco Pierre Whites in Donnybrook and coincides with International Women’s Day. The event is a big fund-raiser for the Alex Women's Charity, helping women in need. TY students play a big role on the day and parents and alumnae are encouraged to donate prizes for the auction.
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Alex Alumnae Network

We love to celebrate our Alumnae and to share their endeavours, challenges and success stories with the College community to inspire, encourage and provide support to our current students, recent graduates and Alumnae at all stages of their lives.

Whether you are launching or developing a business; driving or volunteering for a cause; training for a sports event; raising a family, we invite you to engage with us by sending us news about your ventures and those of your fellow Alexandrans. Even if you haven’t been in touch with the College since your graduation, we’d love to hear how you’re doing. You never stop being an Alex girl.

The Alex Alumnae Network connects past pupils with other former Alex girls, offers you the opportunity to network with them and supports you in your career, profession, business or cause.

Would you like to be involved with a vibrant, women’s network made up of your fellow Alumnae? We aim to build a comprehensive database of Alexandrans from all walks of life to come together to build relationships, share contacts and ideas and create personal, professional and business opportunities for all.

If you have a cause, campaign, mission or business, let us know how you’re progressing and allow us to help promote and engage support for your ideas and initiatives. Please update your contact details here and email us at to share your business, campaign or cause with us or to start a discussion about how we could best share it with the Alex Community.

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