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What are Classroom Based Assessments?

As part of the reformed Junior Cycle program, students are required to do Classroom Based Assessments in 2nd Year and 3rd Year of their Junior Cycle within the national school timetable (the deadlines for which are published yearly by the NCCA).  Classroom Based Assessments take place (as the name suggests) in the classroom under the supervision of the subject teacher and promote a positive and collaborative learning environment for students while also informing them about their learning progress in each of their subjects. 

Classroom Based Assessments vary from subject to subject and include a variety of subject-appropriate activities such as oral tasks, practical and design tasks, artistic performances and project work. Students are awarded a descriptor by their subject teachers for their preparation and performance in class once they have completed their CBA. There are four level descriptors of achievement for Classroom Based Assessments. These are: Yet to Meet Expectations, In line with Expectations, Above Expectations and Exceptional.

Students then complete a written Assessment Task (AT) based on the learning outcomes of CBA 2 under teacher supervision during class time, prior to sitting their final state-certified examination in June of 3rd Year. The Assessment Task is externally graded by the State Examinations Commission just like their final examination, which they sit in June of 3rd Year.

Student attendance is paramount during class time when CBAs and Assessment Tasks are taking place. Students should notify their teachers well in advance should they be unable to attend school for any reason on these days.

2nd Year CBAs 2022/2023

Students in 2nd Year this year will be completing CBA 1 from 7 November to 12 May this year. This year our 2nd Year students will complete CBA 1 in Maths, English, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Classics, Science, Home Economics, Music, Art, Business and Religion. Next year they will complete one CBA in each of their short courses (CSPE and Coding), CBA 1 and CBA 2 in Gaeilge and CBA 2 in all other subjects.

3rd Year CBAs 2022/2023

Students in 3rd Year this year are required to complete only one Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) in each of their subjects for their Junior Cycle prior to sitting the final written examinations in June 2023. 3rd Years will have already completed CBA 1 in most of their subjects (Maths, English, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Classics, Science, Business and Religion) last year while in 2nd Year. They will also not be required to complete an Assessment Task in her subjects this year either.

If your daughter studies Music, Art and/or Home Economics, she is required to complete CBA 2 as this is linked to her final examination in June 2023. Students in 3rd Year will also complete one CBA in their short courses this year (Coding and CSPE) and CBA 2 in Gaeilge (as this assesses their oral language skills and is normally carried out in 3rd Year).

Students new to the College who have not previously completed any CBA in their previous school will be facilitated to ensure that they complete the required CBAs.