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5th Year Subject Choice Guide

The 5th Year Subject Choice process will begin soon, and TY students now need to start thinking about which subjects they might like to study for the Leaving Certificate.

This decision can be a difficult one for many students, so we have put together some resources that we hope you and your daughter will find useful. We want all parents, guardians and students to be aware of all the steps involved in the process and to understand what you will need to do at each step. We also want both you and your daughter to feel confident in the choices you make together, using the resources we have made available to you.

Please note that the 5th Year Subject Information Meeting has now been rescheduled to Tuesday 21 March at 7 pm.

Key Dates

Monday 30 January Subject Ambassador Fair
30 January to 3 February TY Subject Taster Week
Wednesday 8 February Subject Preference Phase begins
Wednesday 22 February Subject Preference Phase ends
Tuesday 21 March 5th Year Info Meeting
Monday 27 March at 10 am Final Subject Choice Phase  opens
Friday 31 March at 4 pm Final Subject Choice Phase closes

Subject Information Booklet

This booklet, compiled by our teachers, gives information about each subject's syllabus at Leaving Cert.

This is a great resource to learn more about the wide variety of subjects offered here in Alexandra College during Senior Cycle.

Subject Information Booklet 2023/2024

Subject Ambassador Fair and Subject Taster Week

On Monday 30 January, current TY students will have the opportunity to speak with 5th Year students about the subjects offered at Leaving Cert at our Subject Ambassador Fair. They’ll have the opportunity to learn more about each subject from students currently studying them, as well as a chance to hear about subjects they may not have previously considered. 

Following the Subject Ambassador Fair, TY students will have the opportunity to attend LC classes as part of our Subject Taster week; students should contact the subject coordinator to arrange a taster visit. If a student is missing a class, they must inform their teacher that they are tasting a subject.

5th Year Information Meeting

This meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday 21 March at 7 pm.

Parents and students are invited to our 5th Year Information Meeting. At this meeting, the College Guidance Counsellor will go over subject choices, university requirements, and the CAO process. We will also be reviewing Phase 2 in the subject choice process so that parents and students can ask any remaining questions prior to making their final subject choices.




Subject Choice FAQ