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Fee Terms & Conditions


Alexandra College is a not for profit fee-paying school. The main source of funding for the school is fees and contributions.  In addition to the aforementioned, funding is provided by the Department of Education and Skills towards the hiring of teachers in the Senior School. 

The Board of Management operates a development programme to maintain, improve and develop facilities on the campus. All incoming and existing parents are invited to participate in the development programme.

Fee Schedule

The current schedule of Tuition and Additional Fees is set out on our Fee page.  Please note that there are four boarding fee categories.  The boarding fee payable is determined by the residency status and nationality of the student, taking into account the administration and logistics required.  The EU is defined as to encompass the EU and EEA member states and Switzerland and Northern Ireland.  For additional guidance on the allocation to the correct fee category please refer to Appendix C.

Acceptance of Fees Terms & Conditions  

Acceptance of an offer of enrolment in Alexandra College implies acceptance of these Fee Terms & Conditions, the College Mission and Ethos Statement, the Admissions Policy and the College Code of Behaviour. 

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of €175 is payable on submission of an Application for Enrolment. This administration charge is towards the administrative cost of processing an application, and includes applications in respect of any sisters that apply subsequently to Alexandra College. Consideration by the College of an Application for Enrolment is subject to payment of the application fee.


Offers for places will be communicated to the parents/guardians of those to whom a place has been allocated. The offer will include a Confirmation of Acceptance Form which must be completed and returned together with a deposit to be received no later than the date indicated in the Annual Admissions Notice or in the offer letter. Any offer of a place is subject to payment of the deposit.

The deposit charged is €1,000 for a day student and €1,250 for a boarder. The Principal retains discretion to increase the level of deposit required in advance of a place being confirmed for a student. Once a place is offered, accepted and the deposit is paid, if it is decided, for whatever reason, that the student will not be taking her place, the deposit paid is non-refundable. All boarders will also be required to pay a damage deposit of €500, which will be included in the June fee run and will be refundable if there are no damages.

Offset of Deposit

The deposit(s) is offset against the student’s final fee invoice. If a student is enrolled for only one (1) year and the school has been notified of this at the time of enrolment, the deposit(s) will be returned at the end of the academic year provided that all fee accounts have been settled.

If the decision is taken to remove a student from Alexandra College, it is required that the fee payer give one (1) term’s notice in writing to the Principal. In addition, an email must be sent to either of the following email addresses, for Senior School or for Junior School

If the fee payer does not provide the required notice to remove their daughter(s) from Alexandra College, they will be charged one (1) term’s ‘fees in lieu of notice’. Their application deposit is offset against the ‘fee in lieu’ of notice.

Application to move from a boarding place to a day place

If a parent wishes for a boarding student to be moved to a day place, application must be made in writing to the Principal.

Subject to a day place being available in the relevant year, the fee payer will be charged a fee equivalent to the difference between the day fee and the relevant boarding fee for one full school year (three terms) to be paid before the student takes up a day place. 

School Fees 

School fees for the coming academic year are set by the Board of Management in May each year, or at such other time as the Board deems convenient. Any changes are then notified to parents.

Family Discounts

When two or more daughters of the same family are attending the College simultaneously, a 10% discount will apply to all core school fees (excluding optional music or sport items) for the second and each subsequent daughter(s) enrolled in the College. The discount is not applicable to families who are in receipt of a scholarship and/or bursary.

Direct Charges and Optional Extras

Fee statements will include a number of direct charges and optional extras including but not limited to:

Extracurricular activities 

Our wide range of clubs, teams, classes, groups and activities offer students the chance to try new things and pursue their interests. All extracurricular costs are charged separately from and in addition to College fees. The fee run for additional extras is processed in September of each academic year.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Classes for International Students in the Senior School

There is a fixed charge of €1,400 for students attending English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes. It will be for the school to decide whether your child requires English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. It is at the discretion of the school to decide when a student should exit the EAL programme.

Personal pupil insurance

A fee of €8 will be charged per student, per year for personal injury 24-hour cover. It is the responsibility of the fee payer to ensure that all personal equipment belonging to the fee payer/student, e.g. musical instruments, bicycles, mobile phones are covered under their own home insurance policy as accidental damage is not covered under the College’s Insurance Policy. The College is not responsible or liable for the repair/replacement to personal belongings.

The Charitable Donation Scheme

Under the Revenue Charitable Donation Scheme, the College can claim a refund of tax paid on a donation from an individual if that individual donates €250 or more in a year and completes the form CHY3 and returns the completed form to the College. The form is valid for five years.

Transition Year Arrangements

If a student will leave the College for a part of her Transition Year, fee payers will receive a credit on their fee account, provided a full term’s notice has been given. The fee credit will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, using the number of weeks the student will be away.

There are some provisos, as follows:

  • The student must attend a recognised school either abroad or in Ireland, and written evidence from the school must be provided.
  • Parents/Guardians must give at least one term’s notice of the intention of the student to attend another school either abroad or in Ireland.
  • All credit will be held and offset against next Academic Year (the student’s 5th Year). If the student does not return to Alexandra College for 5th Year, this credit will be removed from the fee payer’s account.
  • If a student leaves the College for part of the Transition Year, fee payers will not qualify for the Early Payment Discount of €500.


All fee invoices will be sent out by email in June proceeding the relevant school year. A supplementary billing run is carried out in September of each year to capture fees due from students who were not on the College’s register in June, and any extracurricular charges such as music & drama arising since June. A statement of account, and any additional invoices required, will be provided to parents in January of each year.

The College requires that all fees are paid:

  1. in full in advance of the commencement of each academic year, or
  2. in specified instalments by SEPA Direct Debit during the academic year.

The SEPA Direct Debit is a facility only available within the EU banking system. All fee payers living outside of the EU must pay fees in full in advance of the start of the academic year.

An Early Payment Discount of €500 will be applied to each account that pays core fees and direct charges in full by 31 July of the relevant year. The Early Payment Discount is not applicable to families who are in receipt of a scholarship, bursaries and or avail of any form of grants or subsidies, such as the SEC grant or the ECCE scheme.

If a student whose family is not resident in Ireland signs up for 5th Year, two years’ fees must be paid in advance. All 6th Year students must sit the Leaving Certificate examination.

Where fee payers pay in advance for academic years for which the fees have not yet been set by the Board of Management, an additional 2% will be applied per annum in line with the current policy of fee increases. If the estimated fee increase is not implemented a refund will be given. If the fee increase is above 2%, the fee payer will be liable for the additional fees.

Cash will not be accepted as a method of payment.

Both parents/guardians and, where applicable, agencies are jointly and severally liable for any fees and charges issued and balances outstanding.

Direct Debit Payment Dates

Payments by direct debit may be made either in two instalments or in eight instalments over 9 months.

The direct debit schedule may change from year to year and is set out on our Fees page.

If a direct debit fails the fee payer will be notified in writing by the school. The fee payer is then required to pay the amount of the last direct debit payment immediately by another method: cheque or bank draft. The fee payer is liable for any bank charges as a result of the failed direct debit and an administration charge of €100.

A fee payer who chooses to pay fees by direct debit is required to complete the SEPA Direct Debit Form.  Please complete by no later than 8th July.  This applies only to those signing up to the mandate for the first time or if bank details submitted previously have changed.

Collections Policy

If fees are not paid in accordance with sections 11 and 12 the College will apply the following collections process:

  • Stage 1 – 1 week after the due date - Email 

  • Stage 2 – 1 week after Stage 1 - Phone Call 

  • Stage 3 – 1 week after Stage 2 - Letter 1

  • Stage 4 – 10 days after Stage 3 - Letter 2

  • Stage 5 – 1 week after Stage 4 - Phone Call to arrange to meet Parent

  • Stage 6 - Letter 3: Do Not Return (DNR)

  • Stage 7 – Dealing with returning students who have been issued with a DNR letter.

Under exceptional circumstances, alternative payment schedules may be agreed for families experiencing temporary financial difficulties. Alternative payment schedules are only valid when they have been discussed and agreed with the Chief Financial Officer and when written confirmation of the amended payment schedule and terms have been received by the College from the fee payer.

If there are balances outstanding at the end of the academic year, the College reserves the right to withhold the student’s report until the account has been settled in full. If there are balances outstanding at year end and no written commitment to an agreed payment plan has been made by the debtor and received by the College, the fee payer will be sent a final reminder and informed that if no alternative payment proposal is made and agreed, the account will now pass to a debt recovery agency.

Absence from School 

Fee refunds will not be made in respect of students who, for any reason, are absent during the school year.  

School Terms

There are three (3) terms in the College year:

Term 1: September to Christmas

Term 2: January to Easter

Term 3: Post Easter to End of Year

Online payments

Fee payers will be informed of any other miscellaneous charges, as and when they arise. Fee payers are required to pay for these charges on our website, using the online payments portal.


Please contact the accounts team at with any questions.