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3rd Year Info Pack 2024/2025

We are looking forward to welcoming students back to the College in August.

We also invite parents to our 3rd Year Parent Information meeting on Tuesday 27 August at 9 am.

On this page, you will find your daughter’s book list, uniform list, term dates, and other useful information regarding College policies and procedures. The fee schedule for 2024/2025, as well as all financial information, will be sent by the Finance Department in June.

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College Information

Senior School Term Dates 2024/2025

The dates of term are in line with the D.E.S. standardisation of the school year.

Christmas Term 2024

Wednesday 21 August - New 1st Year Boarders arrive to Res from 3 pm - 5 pm

Thursday 22 August - 1st Year Induction Day 10 am to 12:30 pm, Parents attend from 10 am

Friday 23 August - 1st Year Induction from 10 am to 12:30 pm (students only)

Sunday 25 August - 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th Year Boarders arrive to Res 2pm - 4pm

Monday 26 August - Full School Day for all new 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th Year; 2nd Year Parent Information Meeting 9am - 10am

Tuesday 27 August - 3rd Year Parent Information Meeting 9am - 10am

Wednesday 28 August - 5th Year Parent Information Meeting 9am - 10am

Thursday 29 August - 6th Year Parent Information Meeting 9am - 10am

Sunday 1 September - Transition Year Boarders arrive to Res 2 pm - 4 pm

Monday 2 September - Term starts for Transition Year; TY Parent Information Meeting 9am - 10am

Friday 27 September - No School for Students. Res remains open

Friday 25 October - School finishes at 2 pm. Res closes at 3 pm.   

Half Term Break - Monday 28 October until Friday 1 November

Sunday 3 November - Boarders return to Res after 5 pm

Monday 4 November - School Reopens

Monday 2 December - No School for Students, Res remains open.

Friday 20 December - Term ends for Christmas Holidays at 12pm. Res closes at 12:30 pm. 

Christmas Holidays - Monday 23 December 2024 until Friday 3 January 2025

Easter Term 2025

Sunday 5 January - Boarders return to Res after 5 pm

Monday 6 January - School Reopens

Monday 3 February - Bank Holiday - College Closed, Res remains open.

Friday 14 February  - School finishes at 2 pm. Res closes at 3 pm.

Half Term Break - Monday 17 February until Friday 21 February

Sunday 23 February - Boarders return to Res after 5 pm

Monday 24 February  - School Reopens

Wednesday 12 March - School finishes at 3:48 pm. Res remains open.

Thursday 13 March until Monday 17 March - St Patrick’s Bank Holiday Weekend - No School

Tuesday 18 March - Full School Day for all

Friday 11 April - School finishes at 2 pm. Res closes at 3 pm.

Easter Holidays - Monday 14 April until Friday 25 April

Summer Term 2025

Sunday 27 April - Boarders return to Res after 5 pm

Monday 28 April - School Reopens

Monday 5 May - Bank Holiday Weekend - No School, Res remains open

Friday 23 May - TY Term ends

Friday 30 May - Term ends at 12pm. Res closes for summer at 12:30pm.

Parent Teacher Meetings

All parent-teacher meetings take place in the Concourse from 4:15 pm - 6:45 pm.

1st Year - Thursday 16 January 

2nd Year - Thursday 17 October 

3rd Year - Thursday 7 November 

5th Year - Wednesday 29 January

6th Year - Wednesday 20 November 


College Exams 

Christmas Exams (5th Year) - 25 November - 6 December

Mock Exams (3rd & 6th Year) - 31 January - 14 February

Summer Exams (1st, 2nd & 5th Year) - 19 May - 30 May

N.B. While 1st and 2nd Year students do not have formal exams at the end of the Christmas term, they will have in-class assessments. These assessments will be scheduled by class teachers from the week of 25 November through the end of the Christmas term.

3rd Year Book List 2024/2025

 Books are available to order from Book Haven (Quick Code: s4723y)

Incoming students are required to purchase their iPads from Select at the link below by 30 June 2024

Select Online Store

Password: milltown7571

We require AppleCare+ insurance to ensure peace of mind for parents should any repairs or replacements be required, and recommend the purchase of the Logitech Keyboard Folio Touch with Trackpad and a stylus.

Senior School Uniform List

The full school uniform is compulsory from 1st to 4th Year.

Only the sports uniform is compulsory for 5th & 6th Years. 5th & 6th Years do not otherwise wear a school uniform.  While we wish the girls to be comfortable and to make their own decisions about what they wear, we reserve the right not to allow clothing which is deemed to be unsuitable for school.

All uniform clothes and shoes are available from Uniformity.

Hair fastenings, if worn, should only be brown, red or white.

Jewellery should be discreet. Nose studs and body piercings are not permitted.

Please also refer to the Code of Behaviour.