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"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."Maya Angelou 

A holistic education is not only inclusivity during lesson time, but also what can be offered outside of the classroom environment. We offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities that are integrated into the school day so that every student has the opportunity to shine to the best of her abilities, embrace all life has to offer and reach towards her fullest potential.



Music at Alex is deeply embedded in the school community. Not only do we offer one-to-one private instrument and singing lessons of varying styles and genres throughout the school day, but we have a myriad of performing groups that students can participate in. From Jazz Band, Chamber Choir and Orchestra, to RockJam and Trad Band, there is always a place in which students can nurture their passion and talent in music. Be they beginners or highly advanced, any and every student of the college can become a musical maestro!

A group of girls of various ages in costume wearing pajamas and posing.


The life of the theatre is one of great vibrancy and excitement, and the Drama Department at Alex is no exception. Students can take part in Public Speaking or Speech and Drama classes, be part of the various drama societies around the school, and even alter the roles they play! Students can complete formal examinations in classes, or enjoy being part of the energetic theatrical performances of DramSoc! Our drama students do not just simply take on acting roles, but are provided the opportunity to be part of the costume, lighting or props teams too so that they can experience what the life of the theatre is truly like.

Two girls with blonde hair wearing red tracksuits chase soccer balls.


Alexandra College offers a wide variety of sports, including not only hockey, basketball, and soccer but also tennis, athletics, yoga, and more. Our rich history of hockey dates back 100 years, and today our culture of hockey in the school includes over eighteen teams that compete in friendly and competitive matches on a weekly basis.

The sporting facilities of the college are second to none, with a full size all-weather pitch and the multi-purpose Henrietta White Centre, assuring that rain, hail or shine, our students are able to take part!

L-R: Two girls run after a basketball. A girl with dark hair plays saxophone. 2 girls in costume perform a play.