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Senior School Curriculum

An excellent academic education is a cornerstone of what girls can expect at Alexandra College.

Each student receives a broad education as she progresses through the school, typically taking nine or ten subjects in the Junior Certificate and seven to eight in the Leaving Certificate, with a selection of language, business, science and creative subjects, as well as the core offerings of Irish, English and Maths.

We are proud of our approach to teaching and learning in the school and of our examination results, which prove the understanding and knowledge gained by Alex girls in their chosen subjects.

Our Staff

Our teachers are experts in their subjects and are dedicated to encouraging a love of learning in students. Meet our staff here.

As we provide a broad range of subject choices to our students, we advise them carefully on the ways in which their choice of subjects affects their chosen career path in the future. 

Junior Cycle

Students in 1st to 3rd Year (aged 12 to 15) follow the national Junior Cycle curriculum which offers a broad range of subjects, as well as encouraging key skills in communications, wellbeing, creativity, literacy, and more. Students complete the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement at the end of their 3rd Year, which includes the State Junior Certificate Exam as well as classroom-based assessments, which students complete in their 2nd and 3rd Year. Learn more about our Curriculum.

A young girl in a pink hijab and red and white tracksuit looks down at her school work, pencil in hand.

Transition Year

Transition Year (TY) is a one-year programme in the fourth year of Senior School. It provides students with a mix of learning experiences and serves as a bridge between the structured learning of the Junior Certificate and the more independent, self-directed learning of the Senior Cycle and Leaving Certificate.

All students continue their studies in the core subjects of English, Irish, Maths, a modern language, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Religion, and Physical Education.

Girls can take optional modules in art appreciation, choir, classics, creative writing, culinary arts, ECDL, film making, guitar, international relations, a second modern language, music technology, public speaking and communication, psychology, textile craft and website design. There are also performance modules in dance, drama and stage management, music, animation, videography and fashion design. All students participate in at least 3 weeks of work experience during the TY programme.


A teacher gives one to one help to a student in a classroom.

Senior Cycle

At the end of the Senior Cycle, the students sit the Leaving Certificate Examinations. Most students study 7 subjects in the Senior Cycle and will then go on to sit the Leaving Certificate Examinations in those subjects.

For the Leaving Certificate Exams, students must take Irish (except where exempt), English, and Maths. While a Modern Language is not required for the Leaving Certificate, we do require that all students study modern language through Senior Cycle at the College as it is often required by university courses for entry. 

There are practical examinations and project work in certain subjects, such as Art, Music and Agricultural Science. There are oral examinations in Irish and continental languages. The practical and oral tests take place during the final year of the programme. The written examination is held in June each year.

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